Discover our approach to delivering AI-Ready datasets using massive amounts of alternative data

Data scientists can spend 60-80% of their time gathering sources of unstructured alternative data (alt-data) and preparing it for use in predictive modeling. Bitvore creates AI-Ready Data by aggregating, analyzing, cleansing and normalizing massive amounts of unstructured data for you, so you can get on with building predictive models to bring value to your business.

Download our white paper to learn:

  • What unstructured alt-data is and how it's used in predictive analytics.
  • Why you should be including unstructured alt-data in your business strategy to make more intelligent and accurate predictions.
  • How most data scientists use alt-data to build predictive models for analysis.
  • How Bitvore's approach differs by enabling us to deliver AI-Ready Data to our customers, saving them 60-80% of their time when analyzing alt-data.

What is unstructured alt-data, and how do data scientists use it in predictive modeling?

In this downloadable FAQ we go into detail about what unstructured alt-data is and why it's important for organizations to start leveraging it when making business decisions. Including:

  • Definition and sources of  unstructured alt-data
  • The barriers when using unstructured alt-data and how to navigate them
  • The ways data scientists are leveraging alt-data

Discover Bitvore’s use of alt-data and how our approach simplifies the time-consuming work needed to prepare data for predictive analytics.

Making sense of massive amounts of alternative data is complicated. Learn how our approach helps save data scientists time by providing AI-Ready Datasets.

In the downloadable FAQs you'll discover:

  • What an AI-Ready Dataset is
  • Our approach to normalizing and organizing unstructured data and how it can be used in predictive analytics
  • How AI-Ready datasets can save data scientists time when making business predictions

Download the FAQs and find out what unstructured alt-data is and how it can help business predictions.

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