Discover how our sentiment scoring system can improve the decision making process

Bitvore provides data solutions that help organizations outperform the competition without the time-consuming efforts associated with manually sifting through news, press releases, SEC filings/proxy statements, earning call transcripts and other unstructured data sources.

Download our white paper to learn:

  • What sentiment analysis is and how Bitvore's proprietary approach works
  • The types of sentiment analysis
  • How Bitvore sentiment analysis can improve your business results

What is sentiment analysis and how does Bitvore's proprietary approach work?

In this downloadable white paper we cover the main objectives behind the development of Bitvore's sentiment analysis, including:

  • Data mining: used for analyzing entities, competitors, prospects, clients, and vendors
  • Tracking a company, industry or market's reputation
  • Reviewing marketing campaign success

Discover how Bitvore sentiment analysis helps improve your business results.

Making sense of massive amounts of unstructured data and information is complicated. Learn how our approach helps your organization eliminate massive manual tasks by ingesting, analyzing, and delivering AI-Ready data for data science teams to perform analysis on (e.g., predictive modeling) to support business analysts.


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