Is Your Muni Portfolio ESG Ready?

Make sure with Bitvore's new Muni ESG dataset. You'll understand the ACTUAL ESG performance of your municipal bond portfolio using Bitvore's ESG topics and sentiment analysis of over 60K unstructured data sources.

Here are three questions to think about:

  • Are you aware what cities in your portfolio are pledging net zero?
  • Are you confident with your ability to track current ESG topics across a portfolio in an efficient manner?
  • Are you aware of all your obligors current ESG statuses? Is this data currently at your fingertips?

Bitvore's Muni ESG Dataset Key Features

Proprietary AI /Quality: Our NLP model has 34 topics and sub-topics, producing machine-readable ESG data. High precision models are trained with experienced municipal bond human annotators with continuous QA to adjust for drift.

Quantifiable data: ESG sentiment analysis provided at the article level, with the ability to roll up to CUSIP, Obligor, Portfolio, Location, Sector and/or Topic level. ESG sentiment scores range from -100 to +100.

Virtual Real-time: 24x7x365 surveillance of ESG events impacting CUSIP level performance.*

Aggregation of 60k unique sources of data: Cleaned, normalized and ready for use. 8+ sectors such as; Development, Education, Health, Housing, Local Government, Tax Revenue, Transportation, Utility and more. 212 unique material events analyzed daily.

Easy Concordance: Normalization of content to reference database to concord CUSIP.

Coverage: 5 Years historical dataset, covering a universe of 3.1+ million CUSIPs and 55k+ Obligors surveilled.

Flexibility: - Accessible through download files, API, or proprietary user interface. Ability to plug and play in Investortools (Perform & Credit Scope), Microsoft Power BI, Tableau and other data visualization tools.

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